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These are the best apps for doctors and surgeons in Australia

Medical apps for the iPhone

These are the Best Apps for Doctors and Surgeons in Australia!

Smartphones have revolutionised the way we live, whether it’s managing finances, shopping, or running businesses. In the medical field, the rise of medical apps has been remarkable, empowering clinicians to improve their work, life balance, and patient care. But with so many apps out there, it’s no easy task to find the right ones for you. So, here are the best apps for surgeons and doctors, offering high-quality solutions, data, and tools for your workplace and life.

The rise and rise of medical apps

The market for medical apps – both for practitioners and patients – is soaring. By 2030, forecasters expect the market to be worth a massive US$50.94 billion with a CAGR of 28.4%. One reason for that is how high-quality apps can be used to support all areas of healthcare, from patient care and disease risk management to practices and practitioner health. This includes helping patients to better manage their health and medication, ensuring better access to medical specialists, and assisting medical practices to streamline everyday processes to save time and better share information with team members.

Here are five indispensable apps that every doctor in Australia should have

1. Operative Notes from Praccelerate

Developed by a leading Australian plastic surgeon, Dr Howard Webster, this is a truly home-grown app for surgeons. This HIPAA-approved app is designed to address the specific needs of doctors, improve post-surgical processes, and streamline workflows, ultimately enhancing patient care. It’s user-friendly interface and seamless interoperability allows you to create and share comprehensive, secure post-surgical notes in minutes, avoiding the hassle of traditional paperwork.

With the ability to digitise notes on your terms, you have full control over your documentation and can customise templates to suit your unique procedural workflows and patient needs. No more struggling with incompatible digital tools that don’t align with your practice or being forced into a one-size-fits-all solution.

The benefits of this post-surgical notes app extend beyond the operating room. With simplified auditing and insurance processes, you can be confident that your documentation is compliant and secure. The app’s innovative features, such as pending notes, text sharing, image import, voice-to-text, and interactive diagrams, enable you to create comprehensive and high-quality notes without sacrificing precious time.

2. Figure 1

This app combines elements of professional social networking with a visual database, enabling doctors around the world to share medical data with fellow professionals and seek feedback or suggestions on complex cases. It’s all about healthcare collaboration, featuring he largest library of medical cases in the world curated in real time by healthcare professionals.
Patients can also utilise Figure 1 to keep track of their medical information, including vital signs, medications, and treatments. The app is free, with optional in-app purchases for premium content and features. It is available on iOS devices and supports multiple languages.

3. MDCalc

Developed by collaborating with leading doctors worldwide, MDCalc is a comprehensive medical app that provides over 350 clinical decision tools across 36 specialty fields. This includes everything from a steroid conversion calculator and mean arterial blood pressure calculator to risk scoring for heart disease, stroke, and cardiac events.

Created by practicing academic emergency physicians, Dr. Graham Walker and Dr. Joseph Habboushe, with insight from hundreds of top medical academics around the world, the app offers insights on applying and using these tools effectively. It serves as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, providing calculators, disease information, treatment guidelines, and more.

4. Medscape

Exclusively designed for point-of-care decision making, Medscape offers drug information, reference tools, and the unique Drug Interaction Checker. This app facilitates discussions among professionals within clinical communities, enabling them to share insights and knowledge. Medscape has become one of the most popular apps among medical practitioners, providing reliable and up-to-date information on diseases, treatments, drugs, and other healthcare topics.

It also contains detailed information on a wide range of medications, creating a one-stop resource for looking up indications, contraindications, side effects, dosing schedule, adverse reactions and more, all drawn from trusted sources like UpToDate or Drugs & Diseases Pocket Guide (DDG).

5. Headspace

In such a demanding and time-poor profession, it’s crucial for surgeons and doctors to find time for themselves and manage stress effectively. Headspace is a meditation app that offers mindfulness exercises and simple meditation techniques. By cultivating mindfulness habits, doctors can enhance their focus, reduce stress, and achieve better work-life balance. The app includes sessions tailored to address various aspects, from stress management to better sleep.

By taking care of their mental well-being and resilience, medical professionals can continue to provide high-quality care to their patients and maintain their passion for their profession in the long run. This is an especially important concern for surgeons and medical students, where the pressure of these environments is causing higher burnout and drop-out rates in Australia and around the world.

These apps are essential tools that empower Australian doctors to enhance their medical practice, stay informed, and maintain their overall well-being. Embracing high-quality technological advancements can significantly improve the quality of medical care and simplify the lives of medical professionals, helping medical practitioners do more of what they do best – care for patients!

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Simon Greenland

Creative lead for the product development team at Praccelerate