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Security, data and privacy

Patient medical data is at the core of our offering and we take that responsibility very seriously. Security on the Praccelerate platform follows current best practises and is at the forefront of everything we build. If you have any questions, please email


Who owns my data?
You own it and you control it with complete transparency.

Where is my data stored?
Your data is stored securely in the cloud (so you can access it on any device) on Google Firebase servers in the US.

How is my data stored?
Your data is fully encrypted.

Who has access to my data?
Yourself (via your user account), Praccelerate admins and Firebase admins.


The Praccelerate system is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA and the Australian Privacy Act.

Google Cloud Platform was built under the guidance of a 700+ person security engineering team, which is larger than most on-premises security teams. Specific details on their approach to security and data protection including details on organisational and technical controls regarding how Google protects your data, can be found in the Google Security Whitepaper and Google Infrastructure Security Design Overview.

At Praccelerate, we use the following Google services:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Firestore
  • Functions
  • Identity Platform

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