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Meet Dr. Howard Webster, founder of Praccelerate

Dr. Howard Webster - Plastic Surgeon

I’m Howard and I am the founder of Praccelerate.

I’m delighted to introduce our first product called Op Notes. It’s an application that is currently available on the iPhone, iPad and browser but will soon be released on Android and a native Mac App.

Having worked in the medical sector for over 25 years, there are so many areas where technology can be leveraged to improve the quality of what we do. My passion is using technology, not for the sake of it, but to genuinely make a difference to patients, clinicians and all medical staff across the board. Improving the efficiency of how we work, frees up more time to concentrate on what really matters – the patient care.


Dr. Howard Webster
Plastic Surgeon

Dr Howard Webster is one of Australia’s most experienced plastic surgeons. To achieve the best possible results for patients, he limits his practice to a number of specific procedures where his expertise and interest is focused. Over more than 25 years as a specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Webster has personally cared for many thousands of patients through their plastic surgery journey. Howard regards his job as a privilege, enjoying meeting and welcoming people from all walks of life and geographic locations who seek his advice, care and surgical skills.

Howard has performed well over 8000 operative procedures in his clinical private practice, and will have performed a minimum of hundreds and a maximum of thousands of the procedure you are personally interested in – depending upon the procedure – over the past 25 years.

Passionate about the quality of patient care, he has spent his career actively seeking and advocating for improvements in patient safety standards. He fosters ongoing improvement, communication and excellence in his surgical team.

Surgical Background

Howard trained in general and specialist plastic surgery for eight years after graduating from medical school in 1983. After becoming a specialist plastic surgeon, he trained and studied as a postgraduate in Plastic Surgery for a further three years in the UK and USA before returning to Melbourne to commence practice.
Howard has been the Head of Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery at one of Melbourne’s largest public hospitals, and is a past president of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) – the peak Australian professional body for plastic surgery.

Career Highlights

  • He was the founding Chairman of the Australasian Foundation for Plastic Surgery, which was conceived and implemented during his term as ASPS President. The Foundation provides education, support, research and outreach in Australasian plastic surgery.
  • He served on the Avant (Insurance) Medical Advisory Council, which works to continually develop standards, reduce surgical risks and improve safety of practice.
  • He was invited by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to serve on their International Advisory Committee in 2009, and is the first Australian surgeon to have done so.
  • He has co-authored five chapters in plastic surgery texts and has presented at many national and international plastic surgery meetings.
  • In 2011 he was invited to be on the teaching faculty for the IPRAS World Congress in Plastic Surgery in Vancouver, 2011.
  • In 2013 he was the Scientific Convener for the 2013 Australasian National Plastic Surgery Congress.
  • In 2015 he joined Dr Bryan Mendelson’s MAFAC faculty, and regularly assists in teaching facial anatomy educational courses as a faculty member of Dr Mendelson’s course, both in Australia and overseas.
  • He is in full time private practice in Melbourne and North East Victoria / Southern NSW.
Simon Greenland

Creative lead for the product development team at Praccelerate