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Why we built the Op Notes app

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Operation notes are at the centre of good patient care.

But the reality is that they are not up to standard. Op notes in their current form are generally incomplete, don’t present data clearly, and aren’t structured consistently.

The poor quality of op notes is a serious problem. It makes it hard for clinicians to care for patients, because they don’t have all the information. It makes it hard for op data to be analysed at scale, because AI tools cannot extract the maximum yield from data that is incomplete and poorly structured. It makes it hard for hospitals to charge for everything that they should, since the billing process is blind to missing data. These are all problems that stand in urgent need of a solution.

Our mission is to deliver that solution.

We want to help surgeons make better op notes by giving them the right tool for the job.

Surgeons currently write notes on paper, they use a Dictaphone, or they use outdated electronic systems which were not designed specifically for the task, and which cause stress and burnout to their users.

We are going to revolutionise these practices by giving surgeons a dedicated application for making high quality digital op notes on their own devices. We will make it easy for surgeons to start using our product, so they will embrace it with enthusiasm and satisfaction.

We understand surgeons, the environment in which they practise, and why they can be resistant to change. Ultimately, the digitisation of op note creation is inevitable and surgeons know this. To overcome their resistance to it, it is imperative to cater properly for surgeons’ own needs. We know how to do that. Our vision is to help surgeons buy into this change by giving them a product that works for them and not against them.

We also understand hospitals. Globally, most hospitals do not have the resources to transform to fully digital op notes via the tech that is currently available. An inexpensive method for surgeons to create digital notes on devices they already carry with them can deliver large benefits to hospitals without requiring the replacement of their current systems.

The digital transformation of medical records is seen across the world as both desirable and necessary. It carries enormous long term benefits at every level, from direct patient care to big data analysis of clinical care data that has never previously been collected en-masse. We want to help in that process of digitisation by creating a tool designed specifically to facilitate one key aspect of it: the capture of high quality op note data.

Op Notes by Praccelerate is our launch product.

It’s an application that makes it easy for surgeons to create high quality digital op notes via their own devices, to access them securely wherever and whenever needed, and to share them with hospital systems, staff and stakeholders. Op Notes brings a step change in convenience, usability, versatility, customisation, and quality in digital clinical note creation:

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Pre-filled templates customised to surgical subspecialties
  • Integration with electronic or paper-based storage systems via API or manual sharing
  • Lets clinicians create a gold standard op note in less time than it now takes them to write a bad one
  • Creates a massive structured data set ripe for analysis to improve patient care

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Dr. Howard Webster

Dr Howard Webster is one of Australia’s most experienced plastic surgeons and has performed well over 8000 operative procedures in his clinical private practice.