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Praccelerate beta testers

Beta Testers

Our community of clinicians is everything to Praccelerate.

It’s time to say goodbye to paper notes. Save your post-operative note as a template that is 95% pre-filled. Use an iPad, iPhone or the browser and share your note directly to the teams that need them.

As we release new products or major upgrades to existing products, we rely on a group of beta testers who value the gains that technology can make in their day to day role and are happy to help road test new ideas, new development builds and provide feedback to help make our products as good as they possibly can be.

We need your help!

You can shape the med tech of the future. We’re inviting fellow surgeons to participate in our beta. You can help revolutionise the way we leverage technology in post-operative reporting for the benefit of our patients and the advancement of our field. If you would like to get early access to new releases, please email for further information.

Simon Greenland

Creative lead for the product development team at Praccelerate